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A website designed for a new company that delivers property and conceptual development. The goal of the site was to generate sales and leads for their conceptual development department. I design the layout with the assistance of the marketing team and lead architect. After we decided of a trendy minimal design, I build the site using HTML5, CSS3 and Java script technology. I'm currently optimizing the site for Search engines (SEO) to enhance the online presence of the new business.


My Role: Web design and development

Client: Casa Nacala - African Property Development


CMS Web site Design and Development

HTML5 and css3 web site | full width

We designed the web site to have a minimal, easy on the eye feel that doesn't look designed but adheres to the principles of design. After the mock up was produced I coded the site using HTML5 and CSS 3 technology.


Responsive Web design

Responsive  web design for Property development company

This website is responsive and uses the latest HTML5 code and CSS3 for styling across multiple screen widths and devices.


Responsive Java script image gallery

Fancybox javascript gallery

The client requested a gallery that's easy to use and doesn't have long loading times. I purchased the Fancybox javascript plug-in to build this gallery. When clicking on one of the icons on the left image above, the image opens in full size like shown on the right.


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