Drupal theme development for Executive Firm



The client wanted a new corporate web site that looks clean, easy to use and responsive so that it looks and functions great on desktop, tablet and mobile. He also requested that I not use their brand colours (logo), as the theme of the new website must be blue. I developed the web site in Drupal CMS as the client wanted to update the site in house and because they were familiar with Drupal.


My Role: Theme design and Development.

Client: GKA Bayete - Executive Search & Recruitment

URL: http://www.gkaexecutivesearch.com


CMS Web site Design and Development

Drupal Theme Development

As per the brief I designed the site so it has a corporate blue theme. I decided to give the website a fixed header and navigation. The reason I did this is because there are pages that have large chunks of content and when the audience reach the bottom of the page they don't have to scroll up again, as the navigation will be inside their desktop viewport. UI improvement I made is creating smooth transitions for the main navigation when hovered by the mouse. I achieved this by using css3 coding.


Responsive Web design

Responsive  web design for Corporate Client

The client insisted on a design that not only looks, but also functions effectively on mobile, tablet and desktop. Here you can see an illustration of the Web site being displayed across different devices. To achieve this responsive design, I had to create multiple style sheets, one for each device width.

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